FAQ-Record Store Day


RECORD STORE DAY is the biggest day of the year for independent record stores. The organization behind it has worked tirelessly with labels and artists to bring limited exclusive releases and re-releases to market for more than 15 years.


The main event is normally the third Saturday of April, except if that date interferes with Easter weekend. A similar, secondary event happens on Black Friday every year.

3. Where can I find the list of titles being released?

The first place to look for the complete list of titles is at recordstoreday.com. Its normally made public 6 to 8 weeks before the event. Once we have placed our order, you will be able to find what we have coming in at digitrecordbarn.com in the RSD category under the SHOP ONLINE menu.

4. How do I submit my wish list for RECORD STORE DAY?

Your requests are critical to our ordering process. We normally have about a 10 day window to complete our order. For us to get the titles that you want to purchase, we must have your wish list within that 10 day window. Submitting a list is not a guarantee that you will get those items. Limited pressings or high demand often results in allocations where we get less than we ordered. We accept your requests via the website, email, telephone, text, social media, or in person, of course. For accuracy, your wish list should be titles you intend to buy, not just things you think are cool. We will ignore comments on social media that are not specifically an order request.

This year that window closed on March 1. However, if there are titles that you didnt request but you still want, let us know. Oftentimes the distributors will have some left even after allocations are completed.

5. Can I pre-order RECORD STORE DAY titles?

In order to be a pledged store, we must comply with certain rules. These rules are designed and enforced for fairness to the collector and the retailers. No RSD store can pre-sell any RSD release. No RSD store can hold a title for you. No RSD store can sell a title for more than 20% over MSRP. No RSD store can be open before 8 AM Eastern, or the equivalent in their time zone. An additional guideline for fairness, and to discourage online flipping - we will not sell more than one copy of any specific title per person.

6. Why does it still say out of stockon the website?

Another pledge rule, prohibits any auction or online sales until 24 hours after the start of the physical in-person event. We cannot enter quantities online until the next day. We can tell you if we got an item in, but for security reasons, we will not tell you how many. We do publish by email and social media a preview video the night before the event.

7. Where should I go on RECORD STORE DAY to get the releases I want?

You should go to your LOCAL independent record store. You should go to the store where you made your request list. You should go to the store that gets the best selection. You should go to the store with the best prices. You should go to the store with the best rewards program. You should go to the store that opens earliest. We strive at Dig It! Record Barn to be THAT store for you.

8. What are the store hours on RECORD STORE DAY and how early should I show up?


In April we are open 7 AM to 7 PM. On Black Friday we are open 7 AM to 6 PM. We use a system of numbered parking spaces to determine your place in line. Park at the lowest numbered space and we will hand you a number to match in the morning. You do not need to get out of your car or lineup until 6:45 AM. There is a restroom available outdoors and overnight camping is optional. No parking space can be claimed before the close of business on the day before. Please be respectful of our neighbors. Loudness, alcohol, or unruly behavior may cost you your place in line if we have to ask you to leave.


9. Can I call in my order and pay over the phone if I cant make it in person?

We will not accept incoming calls on RECORD STORE DAY or BLACK FRIDAY until after noon. We will begin calling those on the call list who have told us in advance that they cant be present AFTER the waiting-in-person crowd has gone through the line. To be on the call list we must know why you cant be present, what titles youre interested in if theyre still available, and if you plan to pick them up or need them shipped. Give us the best number to reach you and have your credit card ready.

10. When will the remaining stock be available to purchase online?

The next day, the remaining stock will become available at digitrecordbarn.com and rsdmrkt.com. Quantities should be accurate by about 11 AM central time. Prices will be the same as in the store. The limit of one of a title per person still applies online. Shipping is by media mail or can be picked up locally.

Finally, Is there anything else I should know?

RECORD STORE DAY is intended to be fun! Weve developed a plan that we feel is the most fair for everyone. Titles are easy to see and its a one-way single-file line all the way through. After shopping the RSD titles, youre free to roam the rest of the store and shop for other things you may need. Thank you for supporting your local independent RECORD store, the artists, and this years ambassador.